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Welcome to Bordenick Audiology Group, Inc.

There are many questions we ask our patients when they are considering buying hearing aids, but the most compelling are the ones that involve communicating and listening comfortably with family, friends, and business associates.

Are you missing out on:

• The sweet sounds of life?
• Loving conversations?
• Precious words spoken by your grandchildren?
• Important information at business meetings?
• Questions from your coworkers?

If you are among the 20-plus million people in the United States who have difficulty communicating and listening in situations that haven't been a problem before, then The Bordenick Audiology Group can help you hear the world much better again. We are educated, experienced, and skilled in the diagnostic treatment and aural rehabilitation of hearing loss and the fitting and programming of advanced hearing aid technology. We are the only Complete Hearing Healthcare© provider serving Baltimore and its surrounding communities.

Our approach is to educate the patient and offer a variety of hearing aids and appropriate technology. We offer no-obligation demonstrations of the various technologies and trial periods for you to get used to your new hearing aids. We patiently work with you throughout the trial period and the life of the hearing aids to ensure that your better hearing remains at the highest level.

Our services include:

• Examination by a certified and licensed audiologist
• A complete line of brand name hearing aid models and styles for you to choose from
• 100% digital, programmable, and analog hearing technologies
• Free batteries, free hearing checkups, and free cleanings for the life of the hearing aid
• Assistive listening devices such as TV amplifiers, cordless phones, alarm clocks and more
• Customized earplugs for industrial and recreational noise and water (swimming) protection
• Same-day appointments and house calls
• Most insurance plans accepted, major credit cards welcome, and easy pay plans

To schedule an appointment, you may call the office nearest you.
We are located at:

7658-A Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 21236 - (410) 668-9198
2435 West Belvedere Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21209 - (410) 321-4441 (NEW Location)
515 Fairmont Avenue, Suite 510, Towson, MD 21204 - (410) 321-4441
750 Main Street, Suite 202, Reisterstown, MD 21136 - (410) 321-4441
295 Stoner Avenue, Suite 308, Westminster, MD 21157 - (410) 876-9166



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